Why We Were Chosen

“You are not selected because of exceptional talents and be careful always if success attends your efforts, not to ascribe to personal superiority, that to which you can lay claim only by virtue of My gift. If I had wanted learned men to accomplish this mission the power would have been entrusted to the physician and scientist. If I had wanted eloquent men there would have been many anxious for the assignment, for talk is the easiest used of all talents with which I have endowed mankind. If I had wanted scholarly men the  world is filled with better qualified than you who would have been available. You were selected because you have been the outcasts of the world and your long experience as a drunkard has made, or should make you humbly alert to the cries of distress that comes from the lonely hearts of alcoholics everywhere. Keep ever in mind the admission that you made on the day of your profession into  A.A., namely that you are powerless and that it was only with your willingness  to turn your life and will into My keeping, that relief came to you.”- Address by Judge John T. on the 4th Anniversary of the Chicago Group October 5, 1943

I have never have ascribed to the idea that my best thinking got me to AA. With a thinker like mine, this sucker nearly thought my way out of the Grace of God on many occasions. I have prided myself my whole life on just how smart I am. I built my whole self-esteem surrounding my intellectual abilities. Then I end up with a disease that “only a spiritual experience will conquer” and that “self knowledge will avail me nothing.” Not SOME but NOTHING! DAMNIT!!!!

You mean I can’t think my way out of this thing? What the heck? My only shot is to be beat into a state of reasonableness and to have my ego “right-sized” like only the process of the steps can do. My old sponsor told me a long time ago that I am a “slow learner and a quick forgetter.” Man that pissed me off the first time she told me that! Talk about an ego bruiser! However, the longer I have stayed sober the more true that statement has become for me.

The only easier softer way for a pseudo-intellectual type like myself is “the work”! So surrender to the process……I will!

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  1. shoe1000
    Oct 10, 2013 @ 22:21:24

    Trust God clean house help others!
    My ego doesn’t particularly like any of that rhetoric that comes out of many people in AA
    But more than anything else I know that the steps have worked from me and continue to work for me after 25+ years


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